Why I let the Shepherd lead…

15 May

     For a few months now I have considered beginning a blog. Just a few years ago a blog was not something that I even knew about. Yet as I entered into the full time pastoral ministry in September I read and heard more and more about pastors having blogs to share their thoughts with the congregation on a more frequent basis, as well as offer resources to the congregation. As a result I felt like I needed to do the same.

     Naming this blog came as a natural extension of how I live my life. For years I have signed my letters as Letting the Shepherd Lead. Personally, I drew this closing from the practice of many in ministry that I knew signed their letters with a particular phrase that related to the heart of their ministry. For me, I understood that Christian ministry is not, nor will ever be all about me. If I am good at anything it is because God works through me, not because of me. Therefore I began to reflect on how I could relate my reliance on the Holy Spirit of Christ’s continual guidance of my walk and ministry. Naturally I drew from the Bible’s words both in Psalm 23 and John 10 understanding that my Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ must the only guide for my living and ministry.

     So with that in mind I want to offer several thoughts on the direction I am praying about this blog taking. Because I want the Shepherd to be leading not only in my life, but in the lives of all who read, I want to…

  • Offer my thoughts on how Christianity is both true and defensible. (Apologetics)
  • Offer my thoughts on how Christian principles impact living. (Ethics)
  • Offer my thoughts on a Christian perspective to the current events of today.
  • Offer my thoughts on important passages of Scripture for believers.

Additionally I realize that this blog is a archive and record of one of Christ’s under-shepherds. Therefore I also want to…

  • Offer a record and point of reference as the Shepherd leads my ministry at First Baptist Church, Enoree, SC.
  • Offer a record and point of reference as to the Shepherd’s leading in my family.

God Bless and Let the Shepherd Lead!


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2 responses to “Why I let the Shepherd lead…


    May 21, 2008 at 2:52 pm

    Pastor Steven,
    I have always felt that you try to live your life as close to Christ as is humanly possible. I can tell how important that is to you. As always, I will pray for your ministry and that God will use you to his glory.



  2. Ralph Clark

    May 22, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    The blog is a good idea in the sharing and exchanging of christian thought and encouragement. Today’s pastor has a delicate balancing act of keeping the “old time religion” with its uncompromising truths while communicating it’s message to the modern culture. My prayers are continually with you.


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