Good Friends

26 May

This weekend we were privileged to have the time and opportunity to visit some of our good friends.  Without repeating all of his comments, I will echo what Steven said about the rarity and preciousness that good friends can be.  I also recieved a wedding invitation from my best friend through childhood, and although our relationship has changed, I am still tickled to hear from her.  Her invitation served as a reminder that even though life has taken us on different paths, roads do cross again, and bridges should never be burned.  But as I am in a place that I am still learning among people that I am still forming relationships with, I can’t help but be excited about what God is teaching me through them.  I have had time to reflect on past relationships and how they have formed me into the person I am today while gaining insight and wisdom from friends I am adding to my family.  What a blessed gift from God!  Some of my favorite passages in the Bible come from the narratives that illustrate David and Jonathan’s friendship.  That their relationship withstood all that was thrown at them to tear them apart, it was their ability to both focus on God’s bigger plan that helped them through and made them stronger.  We have all grown up hearing the stories of King David and how his reign over Israel was the greatest the nation has seen to date, but I wonder if David would have been the man he was without Jonathan.  I doubt it.  In fact there would have been no David.  Just think how that would have changed the world.  I guess what I am trying to say is this…don’t take any moment you have with friends (or family) for granted.  Enjoy every moment you have because they are fleeting, don’t forget to tell them what they have meant to you.  Remind them of their neccessity in your life and how they have made you a better person.  To all of my friends near and far…Thank you for loving me in spite of my faults and allowing me to love you in return.

Blessings,  Caroline   

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