On Mission – Day 4

17 Jul

     Today we worked earnestly towards the most fulfilling and exciting portion of the trip for me. I was so excited to begin washing cars today because that meant that we had the opportunity to share our faith. Two things amazed me. First people from Lake Pointe Church took time off from their jobs so that they could be at this church outreach! At home we have a hard time getting people just to show up for services. The other amazing aspect of today’s outreach was just how many people wanted to give us money for washing their cars. As they asked about the money we had the perfect opportunity to share with them the truth of the gospel. Jesus died on the cross; his blood washing away our sins at no cost to us. We share with you that love in the practical act of washing a car for free. Though I know the impact we made cannot be measured immediately, I do know that around twenty cars full of people heard a simple gospel message and five of those stuck around long enough to talk with the pastor. I pray for those who heard and recieved a small info card; looking forward to hearing in the weeks ahead how God used our one day of outreach!

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