On Mission – Day 5

18 Jul

     Today our group had the day off. Well I should say that some of our group had the day off. Mr. Ralph and Mr. Bee decided to stay at the church to press ahead on the tasks that needed to be completed. For those of us who took the day off we went to Niagara Falls. When I looked over the Falls from the Observation Tower my breath was taken away. To think that my God created and sustained all the majesty and glory of this site simply amazes me! It is not hard to brag on God when you see a sight like Niagara. As I stood on the Maid of the Mist in front of the Horshoe Falls, one thought came to my mind. My former pastor,  Barry Byrd uses in his messages a story of Niagara Falls as an illustration of genuine faith. Barry says that genuine faith is like the man walking Niagara on a tightrope. Everyone believes he can do it. Most believe he could even push a wheel barrow across the falls, but few actually believe strongly enough to climb into the wheel barrow. I am so overjoyed with our experience in Erie, mainly because of the way our team jumped into Christ’s wheel barrow this week and let him take them wherever he may want them to go. Bee and Ralph felt convicted today to stay behind and press on, Christ drove their passion and desire to finish well! For those of us who went to Niagara, we went to a spot today where we could truly glorify God and even speak of His majest to others like a family from Rhode Island or a Jewish Family from Israel. Wherever we may be led to God Christ has driven us there for a reason and we should be on mission!

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