On Mission – At Home, Sort Of

22 Jul

     This will be my final post in the On Mission series, mainly because we have already left the field and are at home. Our final day at Lake Pointe was filled with a good deal of odds and ends of finishing the work. We put in the remainder of the trim, cleaned up our messes, and celebrated Wayne’s birthday. At VBS I got to help with the Bible Study class, while our ladies helped in several of the VBS groups. As we started home we experienced what every missionary experiences when they leave the field. There is a sense of deep sadness as we leave behind the relationships and work we have begun. At the same time there is a great optimism about what God has done and will be doing in the lives of all who were involved. We know that the church made contact with people in twenty-five cars at our outreach, and I heard that several children came to know the Lord at VBS!

     As I think about the Great Commission though I am convinced that we never really leave the field. We may change locations, but the field is always with us. As I came home for the short time I was there, I was on the field. When I left to go to seminary Sunday night, I was on the field. Even now all of our mission team that went out are still on the field, our home field. I hope and pray that we begin to live an “on mission” lifestyle in order to reach people with the gospel.

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One response to “On Mission – At Home, Sort Of

  1. Ralph Clark

    July 22, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    I wish to just express my appreciation for the opportunity to participate in this mission effort. I was amazed to learn that God had sent us there to receive more than we were to give, to learn rather than to teach. My faith and commitment was increased due to a concentration on prayer and personal Bible study. I learned that during a week without television, there was more time for Father. I have commited to spend less time in front of the screen and more time in the Word.


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