Newsletter – August 2008

29 Jul

            Reading, Reading, Reading. I feel like I have read all of this week. Of course what should I expect when I am taking a seminary class? My class and reading assignments focus on missions. Missions centers on the glory of God, and as believers, we glorify or magnify God when we realize he is the greatest good for the universe. That realization awakens a desire to see him glorified by others. Just as important, missions occurs when we cross some geographical, socio-economic, or spiritual barrier outside our own church experience. Evangelism occurs when we have no barrier to cross, as we reach out to those in our area.

            My professor asked us this question, “What barriers are you willing to cross to glorify God?” Immediately I began thinking about the community around our church. Then I thought about our church family. One thing seems clear: our church family and the community around us are not the same. There is a barrier that exists right outside our doors. The community that founded our church has changed, the question is are we willing to change to reach the community? We have a choice. In the coming year and years we can begin intentionally working to reach out and break the barriers between our church family and our community. Or we can choose to simply to barricade ourselves in our four walls hoping for the best. What would glorify God more? What would be more pleasing to Him? God planted us in our community for such a time as this! Let us choose to glorify God by reaching our community using appealing new means, proclaiming the same gospel message able to save from age to age.


Letting the Shepherd Lead,

Pastor Steven

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