New Arrival

05 Nov
REO Family

Right After Roslyn Was Born

I apologize for not updating any sooner; it’s been a little busy around here.  As of Sept. 17, we have become a 3 child household meaning Steven and I are officially out-numbered.  Roslyn Elizabeth arrived @ 9:00 on Wed. Sept. 17 and has been a joy ever since.  Her older brother and sister are totally in love with her as are we all.  She is beginning to smile and give us the ever-famous, “Are you people for real?” look that most babies possess.  I have known since I was little that I wanted to be the mother of at least 2 children, but I never understood (and still don’t sometimes) all of the challenges and blessings that come along with those bundles of joy.  Even so, each day is full of love.  My prayer is that I will be the kind of mother that will point Robbie toward the kind of woman God has for him and the kind of woman God wants Rachel and Roslyn to become.  In Proverbs 31, God describes what I believe is a woman after His own heart.  She is at the same time strong and vulneralbe, independent and needy, determined and hopeful, and always full of faith, love, hope, and grace.  She is who I strive to be.  As I look into the face of my newest daughter I am once again in awe of God’s abililty and care in knitting her within me.  He knows her better than I do and He loves her more.  How awesome is the love of God that He would choose to lavish it on us!

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