Newsletter: Nov. 2008

31 Jan

            As we conclude our newsletter series of writings on the nature of Christians and politics, I want to again encourage you to go and vote! Even so, my comments today refer not to the election, but to our response after the vote. How should a Christian respond especially if the “wrong” person is elected?

            I personally think this is a wrong question. If God is truly all powerful and all knowing, how can we elect the wrong person? I think of the citizens of Judah assuming that they were safe because the Temple of Yahweh was in their city. Yet God actually said that his appointed servants were the conquering armies. God can place whoever he wants in leadership. Even so, we who follow Jesus do have certain leaders who we would like to see lead the country because of their affinity to what we believe. But again as I have said is our future as followers of Christ bound solely to who wins elections?

            I think the clear answer is no! The exiles from Judah did not have to have a temple or a piece of the Promised Land to worship God. We do not have to have leaders that we like to be able to worship!

Thus to answer the question posed earlier Christians should respond with one goal in mind. Even those elected should expect us to do a few things. Look at 1st Timothy 2:1-4. Here Paul writes to encourage Timothy and his congregation at Ephesus to do a few things with a singular goal. We like Timothy’s congregation should keep these in mind. 1st we should be a people of prayer for our community and nation. 2nd we should be in constant prayer for our leaders. 3rd we should live a law abiding godly life.. 4th we should desire and share the truth with all those around us. Why? We should do these things to please the Savoir. Our next leaders should expect that all we do will be done please the Savior! God bless you all and God bless America.

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