Newsletter March 2009

23 Feb


Psalm 127:3-5

Psalm 127:3-5

                 I heard a very disturbing statement in the past month that I think we need to consider. The statement on a radio show said “the culture is just one step ahead of church on the issue of abortion”. I had a knee jerk reaction to this statement. I could not believe that anyone would make this statement. How could we in church who celebrate God’s gift of life be one step behind culture on this issue?

              Even so as I considered the issue I began to think on the reaction I receive anytime I take my three children out by myself. Among most there is an unspoken pity over the idea that I am burdened with my children. Some will even comment “boy you have your hands full.” There are times when this may be true; however this I think reflects the issue the radio commentator brought up. Consider with me how you felt when you heard of the lady who had octuplets in California. Did you feel remorse over her decision to be impregnated with the remaining frozen human embryos (snowflake babies) or did you rejoice that those babies were no longer locked in a freezer somewhere? Consider also how you feel when you hear of a family who decides to allow God to bless them with more than two children. Do you immediately consider their actions as being unfair to the children already born or do you rejoice that they have accepted God’s call on their life? Consider the recent study from the British government which stated that it was environmentally irresponsible to have more than two children. Do you find this study absurd or do you think it reasonable? If you have children consider how often you want a break from parenting!

            I think the commentator is right. We argue against abortion, but we become hypocrites because we think of children as a burden. I am reminded of Psalm 127:1-5. How many of us by our feelings about children now reject the idea that children are a gift from the Lord? How many reject the idea that a man is blessed who has a “quiver full”? I am not necessarily advocating a church “baby boom” simply because we want to be blessed. I am also not saying that raising children is not hard work. I am advocating that we begin thinking differently about children for fear that if we do not we will impose on culture the idea that children are not gifts from God but burdens to be avoided. We as believers need to stop rejecting God’s truth and celebrate life. Here are a few ideas I would offer in that way.

1)    Young couples should stop being so worried about limiting the family to the perfect number.

2)    Those who have no children at home should consider being spiritual grandparents, aunts, or uncles to help those who have children to avoid the burden mentality.

3)    We should seek ways to allow children to be showcased at church as the blessing they are.


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