So What’s Next?

08 Apr

To read the news article  about Vermont legalizing gay marriage click

     Yesterday as I listened to the news that the governor of Vermont vetoed a bill that would allow for “gay marriage”, I was impressed by his willingness to stand against a swelling tide of both political fervor and public acceptance.  Even so, reality is that in our society and culture, no boundaries can remain solid, especially when for centuries the boundary has fallen within the moral frame of traditional Christianity.

       The fact that Vermont has now okayed gay marriage should not surprise American Christians. Instead it should make us think, what boundary will be broken down next? Already polygymists in Utah are beginning to fight with the same logic of “the right to marriage their way” used by the homosexuals for the legalization of their position. Perhaps we may find someone arguing in not too long for the “right to beastility” or the “right to consensual relations with a minor”. Where does this insanity end? It seems that the path of rights ends where the fight began. If every sexual orientation has a “right to be married” then no longer can  heterosexual couples claim to enjoy the right a favored, unique, and blessed union, the foundation of a stable society. The meaning and importance of the word marriage is destroyed as no longer can it be the union of a man and a woman. The word marriage now has become nothing more than the goverment recognized sexual relationship between two individuals. No longer is it about the union created out of love between a husband and a wife who in stunning ways complement and harmonize so as to form a more perfect whole. The physical act of sexual intimacy is the visible outworking of God’s joining the masculine identity with the feminine identiy in a deeper inner unity. Furthrmore the legalization of “gay marriage” denegrates the ability of people to have a brotherly love without a sexual dimension. Since two people of the same sex cannot  be friends without having sex, the same can be said of a  a group of friends, or even for people with other sexual behaviors. More than anything else if this is barrier that should be broken the argument follows that a barrier against any sexual persuasion should be broken. Celebrations may be taking place across the nation, but what should the Christian response be? I maintain as always that government should not be our response. Christians have to be serious about loving the sinners involved in these decisions while being just as serious about hating their sins. What are your thoughts?

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One response to “So What’s Next?

  1. Chris Honeycutt

    April 8, 2009 at 1:57 am

    What’s scary is how quickly degeneration comes about. Just think of what kind of behavior our children’s generation will be used to as “norms”…

    The Christian response should be an informed (Biblically and otherwise) response rather than play into their hands of looking like hate-mongers. We have to express that marriage is a divine institution from an Almighty God, not just a legal contract.

    However, the problem is that society is increasingly trying to take God out of the whole equation. The other side will say that they’re atheists or just want the same legal rights as heterosexual couples. So now, the argument is fought on two playing fields: a sacred union, or a civil union. It used to be one and the same, but not anymore.

    The devil likes to use the old military tactic of “conquer and divide” and this is an example of such, unfortunately. But what we might be looking at in the next few decades is the Christian church “going back to basics”, where political/social issues become irrelevant (given the secular authority over them) but the core message of the Gospel, salvation through Christ, is effectively communicated and churches grow in more meaningful, deeper ways.


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