Newsletter July 2009

24 Jun

What will a Great Commission Resurgence mean for our church?

As I am writing this newsletter column, the Southern Baptist Convention is meeting to consider the Great Commission Resurgence. Though I am hopeful and prayerful about what God will do for our Convention through this emphasis, I am even more concerned about how this emphasis will impact our congregation. We certainly face the same factors that the Convention has recognized as troubling ones. No one can ignore the fact that our sanctuary even this year has thinned due to the departure of some brothers and sisters to an eternity with Christ. As your pastor it has been my privilege to celebrate the promise of God to those absent from the body, now being present with the Lord. Even so, I long and yearn to see God’s promise fulfilled concerning his word will not return void. Truly right in our back door, the harvest is plentiful though the harvesters are few!




In 2 Corinthians 13:5-10 Paul shares with believers both in Corinth and in Enoree an important aspect of church life. We should examine ourselves first to see whether we are in the faith, but also our ministry to others. As Paul desired to have an examiner’s eye inspect the ministry he had done on behalf of those in the community of Corinth. I think we too must ask ourselves if the ministry we perform in Enoree passes the test of God even though it may not be what the world expects. God’s test for a ministry is not based on numbers; it is not based on relevancy to the world, nor is it based on a multiplicity of programs. God’s test consists of a few simple concepts: faithfulness to the truth, obedience to the truth, and proclamation of the truth! Furthermore God’s test is that we be weak in all things so that Christ may be strong.

I am so thankful for the call to a Great Commission Resurgence in our convention; however I am sounding the alarm in our own congregation. As I had the pleasure again this week to work with Lake Pointe Community Church and again have been inspired by their faithfulness to obey Christ in proclaiming the truth. I have been praying that we too would have such unity and faithfulness in our church. We need to examine ourselves, our ministries, and our community and see if we truly have been faithful, obedient, and about proclaiming God’s true gospel! I am fully convinced that we may discover places that we are weak as a church. Even so I am so overwhelmingly convicted that Christ is strong enough to continually transform our church into a better soul-winning Great Commission congregation. We need to rally around the Savior and preach his gospel in all that we do so when our church is transformed no man can receive the glory, but Jesus Christ alone!

 To this effect I want to ask you to be in prayer for our deacons and myself as I have challenged them to begin the process of beginning our own Great Comission Resurgence at FBC Enoree.

Letting the Shepherd Lead,

Pastor Steven

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