10 Choices That Challenges Convention Churches

16 Sep

As I listened to this presentation I was amazed at how many of these choices are ones with which FBC Enoree needs to struggle.
1. Will we have a Missiological or Bueracratic way of thinking?
2. Will we have a Tribal or Theological identity?
3. Will we have a Convictional or Confused cooperative ministry?
4. Will we be Secular or Sectarian in our approach to the world?
5. Will we be a Younger or Dead/Dying people?
6. Will we be a Diverse or Diminished people?
7. Will we be Missional or Methodological in our ministry?
8.  Will we be Strategic or Anemic in our evangelistic efforts?
9. Will we be Bold or Boring in the life of our churches?
10. Will we be Happy/Joyful or Bitter in the Life of our churches?

Listen to the message for yourself and think about the these choices.

New at Conventional Thinking — “The Future of the Southern Baptist Convention”

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