Newsletter for October 2009

28 Sep

As announced the results are in! I want to thank all who participated in our church health survey and am so thankful for the results we received. The church health indicators listed are ones mentioned throughout the New Testament, but especially in Acts 2:42-47. The survey measures how we feel about the health of these areas in the life of the church. The results are not a prescription of how we can solve all our problems, but they help us to know where we are as a church right now.

So let’s get to the results. As you can see in the chart we have a real strength at FBC Enoree in worship and prayer. The category of questions that relate to worship asks questions about our facility, our music, and the messages people receive when they attend. Prayer questions were ones that emphasized both the importance of prayer in the life of a believer as well as the belief that prayer works. In the middle we find ministry and discipleship. Ministry questions asked the willingness of people to serve and who actually does the work of the church. On the other hand, Discipleship questions seek to discover if people grow as Christians in this church as well as if the church keeps its members. Finally as you look at the results, you will also notice that the least healthy areas of our church right now is in evangelism and fellowship. Evangelism questions were ones that asked people about sharing the gospel and reaching out through missions. Fellowship questions were ones that asked about the sense of unity and love among our members. In addition I listed on the graph the next health level for each indicator as a goal for us to keep in mind.

In reality these results are no surprise to us; however as Luke 14:25-33 encourages us, these results serve to allow us to see where we are in following Christ and what it will cost us to serve him better. As believers we all want to follow Christ. We all want to be a part of a church that is unified and faithful serving him. We all want to the people in our community come to know Christ through the ministry of our Church. This survey aides us in two ways. First we know our strengths. As we seek to see our church become healthier certainly we will do so by emphasizing worshipful and prayerful ways to resolve conflicts and share the gospel. Secondly we also know our weaknesses. In all areas of our church life we must be diligent to see conflicts resolved biblically and emphasize both evangelistic and community building opportunities. Perhaps the greatest news for us is that there is tremendous hope for us in knowing where we are as a church family. To follow Christ we must make hard decisions, take difficult stands, give up personal preference, and even suffer for the gospel’s sake. The great news is that just as Christ had an eternal impact; as church family who follows Him, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to have an eternal impact for Him!

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