Newsletter : November 2009

26 Oct

This article finds me thinking about the revival meetings I am preaching at Selma Baptist Church. Perhaps, the article finds you thinking of revival as well. Even if that is not the case for you, take just a few minutes to think about revival with me. In our Wednesday Night Bible Study the question was asked, “when was a time that the Spirit moved greatly in our church?” One person answered that the last time they felt the Spirit in last year’s Fall Revival. In thinking on that revival, the Spirit was evident, but why? Perhaps above all other considerations would be the idea that we all as a church longed to see God move. We were unified, prayerful, and willing to do whatever it took to see God move. A revival if nothing else is longing to see God move and making the sure there is nothing in the way of his moving.

Psalm 69:29-33 gives a good summary of revival. Beginning in verse 29 David says that he is both afflicted which describes an emotional turmoil as well as being in pain describing a physical pain. Even so, David asserts that it is the salvation of God that changes his difficulties in delight. Revival begins when we desire nothing to remedy our problems but the Word of Christ and the good news of his saving power. This pleases God because we come humbly not selfishly, or arrogantly demanding something of the Lord. Verse 32 makes clear that those who are humbly seek God will be revived. Even more, in verse 33 the Lord hear those who know their need and realize they are in prison to sin, death, and hell apart from Christ. In other words we want to see change in our lives and humbly beg the Lord Jesus to be the one who changes us.

This attitude does not apply only to lost people. No in fact, such a desire and attitude must be the continuing cry of the saved. We will not be perfected until we reach heaven, but all of our time here on Earth should show progress in righteousness. This demands that we day by day, week by week, month, by month, and year by year seek the Lord Jesus’ transforming power continue to change our lives. Luther says it like this, “the old creature in us with all sins and evil desires is to be drowned and to die through daily contrition and repentance, and on the other hand that daily a new person is to come forth and rise up to live before God in righteousness and purity forever.” Revival quite simply is dying to self and rising up to live for Christ!

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