Newsletter : February 2010

25 Jan

All Faiths are Not Created Equal.

I do not know if you have followed the uproar in past weeks over Brit Hume’s comments to Tiger Woods. In a nutshell Hume put his faith on the line accurately describing the redemption people can obtain in Christ alone. At this our culture balked. Perhaps it was due to the suggestion that someone like Tiger Woods needed to be saved. Perhaps it was because of the implication that all faiths are not created equal.

I wonder what you think of religions. To share the view of our pluralistic culture means that one will affirm the idea that all faiths are equal means to achieve the same end – some call that God and others call and inner peace. Hopefully you begin to realize the problem with this viewpoint. Pragmatically, doesn’t it seem more loving to give a lost man one set of directions to get him to his destination? More than one set of directions offers more than one way to get lost. Biblically, pluralism flies in the face of John 14:6 which clearly teaches us that there is but one way, through faith in Jesus!

As Christians we should look at other religions and worldviews as attempts to answer the same problem that mankind must face. Everyone must die. What then? Some try to ignore the problem. Others offer a works based salvation. Still others offer some sort of mystical understanding of enlightenment or something of the sort. Even with this admission of the aim of religion, we cannot say that all worldviews are created equal. Christianity alone offers a true explanation of the problem and its solutions. Death is caused by sin. Sin can only be pardoned if its penalty has been paid. Jesus Christ paid the penalty for sin and those who repent and trust in him will live again! This may be a narrow way but it is the only way created for mankind to be saved.

This is the message that we can offer; one that no one else can. It is a message of redemption that Brit Hume experienced after the suicide of his son, and one that Tiger and all mankind need. It is the message we will be sharing as we UTILIZE OUR CONNECTIONS in this second phase of our P.U.S.H. towards Easter. Brit Hume made his comments because he desired to utilize his connection to reach out and offer Tiger Woods the only message that helped him. This month let’s begin to reach out to that friend neighbor or loved for whom we have been praying. Let’s make sure they know that we love them, and let them know the message of the gospel. And let’s keep praying that the Spirit would convert sinners!

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