Newsletter: April 2011

18 Apr

A Psalm to Consider

Caroline and I have been attending a Biblical Counseling training center on Monday nights this winter. Last night in the segment about particular counseling problems we read together the words of Psalm 92. Open your Bible to this passage and let me share this Psalm with you as well as a few applications.

First note with me that this psalm is for the Sabbath. Now of course the Jewish Sabbath begins at sundown Friday until sundown Saturday, not Sunday. To observe this day a rigorous effort is made to ensure that one rests during this day. So this psalm is a psalm for rest. You may come to this psalm weary and heavy laden. You may come to this psalm tired. You have come to the place where you will find rest.

Second, notice that the psalmist in verses 92:1-4 relates the goodness of extolling the wonders of the Lord. Whether in song, music, or even simple declaration of His great love to hear and talk about the work of God makes one glad. Let me ask you weary one, on whose work is your focus? To be consumed with personal troubles and business leads to a sapping of strength and joy. Look instead to the faithful work of the Lord.

Third, notice that the psalmist clearly presents the gospel in verses 92:5-11 though his expectation for a Messiah is yet future. The psalmist says that the Lord is too great for wicked men to understand though there are many of them. The wicked will be destroyed, but God will remain and all His enemies will be destroyed. All of us who rebelled against God deserve this type of death and destruction. Even so, when we agree with God about our estate we are lifted up, refreshed and see God destroy our common enemies of sin death and hell. No wonder the psalmist can rejoice over God’s great works!

Finally notice the final verses in 92:12-15. Those who are righteous like the immutable Lord God are ones who flourish like Palm trees planted in the house of the Lord. Weary one where is your life planted? Are you on the couch or are you in the Lord’s house? The key verses are 92:14-15 righteous people whose focus is on God’s good work in and through them are bearing fruit in old age, full of sap and green. Weary one are you still bearing fruit? Do you as verse 92:15 still declare the uprightness and firm foundation He is for all of life? Who is it that you can speak to today about the Lord? Is it a child or grandchild? Is it a friend or a loved one? Is it a neighbor or a complete stranger? The remedy for the weary is not to retire or to resign from life but to rest in declaring the Lord Jesus to the next generation! May these thoughts and meditations spur you on to finish your course well declaring the work of the Lord to save sinners.

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One response to “Newsletter: April 2011

  1. bee corley

    April 20, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    A beautiful picture of the Lord’s church in verses 12-15. If We are His church allways in His presence ,we should be bearing fruit. I believe there is a standard of righteousness for us to uphold as Mathew 5:20 states clearly which is what each one of us to apply in our lives. O LORD WE PRAY FOR YOUR ANNOINTING IN OUR LIVES


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