Newsletter : August 2011

26 Jul

While talking with my son about a pair of the wrap around shades the ophthalmologist gave him not too long ago, I was reminded of a comment that I came across. I asked him why he was wearing the shades on his arm like a watch. He look a bit puzzled, but seemed to catch drift of my comment. Then at summer camp, one of the songs we sing mentions the time and so the motion we taught was to point at our wrists. While I thought this was a very appropriate gesture I had one child ask me why we used that motion. In short the comment I that I heard stated that we may be in the last generation that recognizes a watch when they see one or hear it mentioned. At first I considered that comment a bit extreme; however recent days have brought a new understanding to what the commentator was getting at. Very few people rely upon watches anymore while those who do normally utilize digital displays instead of analog faces. In fact I have three watches in my drawer at home, but like the rest of the world whip out my cell phone to determine the time.

“Time stands still for no man” as the saying goes and in recent days it seems I have been reminded several times about its passage. Thanks to the wonderful celebration of my birth sponsored by my church family I was reminded again of just how blessed I am to pastor this church. Even so, I could not help but remember faces that I did not see present at this celebration that were present just a few years past. I also was amazed at just how much can change in a few short years – specifically with the additions and growth to our church family. Even now as I prepare to preach 1 Peter 5: 1-5 in just a few weeks in our biblical leadership series I am reminded how the times affect all things even messages preached, as I reviewed the notes that four years ago I came to preach as a trial sermon for this congregation from that text.

Listening to a podcast, I heard the familiar voice of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron share just a snippet of information before coming to their main point. “There goes another minute, gone for all of eternity.” Time presses on, forcing us to make a choice concerning its passage. We can choose to utilize every moment or we can be depressed and despondent as it passes by us. While many of us ridicule those who would have plastic surgery for trying to recapture lost youth, are we any better when we pine away for old times by clinging to the way things were without exploring the way things are right now? Jesus told us to go and make disciples (Matt. 28:18-20); being in this world but not of it (John 17:14-19)! We must be a people who treasure the timeless truth revealed to us in God’s Word, but we also must be timely troops arriving with the Lord’s message for lost and dying people.

Paul describes how we make the right choice to honor God with our time in Ephesians 5:15-21. Christians must watch how we walk in order to be wise, using our time well, understanding God’s will. Being filled with the Spirit and not controlled by anything less, we who believe should have a song of praise to God in our hearts and thanks on our lips. Furthermore we should be Christ’s servants in our church, our families and our workplace so that everyone might see whom we revere.


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