Newsletter : January 2012

27 Dec

Coming to this New Year, our family is anticipating a special year, knowing that in less than nine months now we will again hear the sounds of a new baby around our household. With the wonderful joys of parenthood, we may also anticipate may new challenges in our family in 2012. It cannot be known exactly what we shall face as a family, nor should we expect some special revelation for us to know what to do.

Even so, that is not to say that God has not provided us with Divine revelation to guide us. He has given us his word. I am reminded this year of just how clearly 2 Timothy 2:15 applies to we who are Christians every day. We should each day study the Scriptures to show ourselves as approved workman. Knowing God’s Word is the key and the empowerment that we have to work as servants of the Living God. After all, it is in His Word that we discover that by grace he has freed us from sin in order to serve Him. Further, when we serve Christ as His approved workmen, we have no cause to ever be ashamed. His Word provides us with the knowledge of a sovereign God who is for us so that we can face anxiety,stress, adversity, and pain. Finally it is God’s Word that provides us the knowledge of our security as believers, forgiven by Christ’s grace displayed on the cross. Such truth allows us to stand against insults, persecution, and even trials from the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Some of you face a very different kind of year than I face in 2012. Some are making difficult decisions even now about your healthcare or that of a loved one. Others of you may be facing the uncertainty that comes with any job in this day and time. Others of you may be facing the days of 2012 knowing that whatever comes you seem to be poorly prepared financially for what lies ahead. In whatever circumstances you face let me encourage you to make this resolution. 2 Timothy 2:15 encourages you this year to study God’s Word each day that you might be approved to serve Christ and unashamed in whatever circumstances you face!


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