Who’s in Charge? – Christian Motivation

11 Mar

Last week’s message in church from Romans 5:17 ended with the great truth that death no longer reigns in our life. So who or what does reign in our life now? Paul offers us a revelation at the end of the verse that may scare us. He tells us that we actually reign in the new life that Christ gives to us. Since we know how easily even the most innocent among us fail to display self control, like in the video below, our fears seem justified.

Perhaps we don’t have all the story. Romans 5:17 includes one more small phrase which may serve to resolve our concerns. Romans 5:17 says that we reign through the one man Jesus Christ. So how do we reign over the flesh, the suffering, the challenges, and the temptations in this life? We reign over them every time we choose the action that we know will please Christ instead of the action that will please ourself. Choosing to please Christ does not mean that we simply delay our gratification. Choosing to please Christ means that our joy comes when Christ expresses joy at the faith we have in him. In no uncertain terms, pleasing Christ becomes the motivation for all that we do.

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