Why I Am Sitting in Classes Again…

21 Jun

I woke up at 4 AM this morning to come sit in class all day at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. That sounds crazy right! I thought so too, especially as I thought about the hours our family has spent on the road in the past few weeks. It seems even more crazy, when I think about the class that I have come to sit in this weekend and then again next week. The course lays out for me the doctor of ministry project process, proposal guidelines, writing helps, and most terrifying, the expectations for the oral exam.

So why did I choose to continue on this crazy journey? Why dedicate myself to this sort of grueling work? Why commit as much as two more years of my life to receive this piece of paper. Allow me to offer two main reasons.

1. Robbie came with me because he really wanted to spend “Daddy-time” with me. Knowing that I will get to spend time with Robbie makes a tremendous difference to my “want-to”. I do not know what The Lord has called Robbie to do, but I do know that he will experience his own craziness. Seeing and knowing how his Daddy responds to such times will impact him. For seven days I have the privilege of training and nurturing him (Ephesians 6:4) by showing him the kind of student I am. If I want him to imitate me, as I imitate Christ, then he must see me imitate Christ in my everyday life (1 Cor. 11:1)

2. In the last session, one successful DMIN student came to share his testimony that the craziness one day ends. During questions about the oral exams, he shared that one of the major lines of questioning in his oral exams requested that he tell how his project had impacted him. For me, even though I have not completed my DMIN yet, I can readily say that right now the process has humbled me. In my life, I have never felt more weak than in trying to juggle all my responsibilities. Too often one of thee juggling balls drop. Even so, I know that through this process, The Lord has proven 2 Cor. 12:10. When I am weak, Christ proves himself strong.


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