Message Monday (on a Wednesday): When God Asks for What is Precious…

01 Jun

I have fallen a bit behind in posting my message notes, but want to make sure that I try to catch up today. I only had a very short outline and message for this past week’s message, so I will try to post it later this week. Today, I am posting my message from 05/22/16.


  • Milestones are difficult for all of us because they mark the moment when things change from that point forward. Some milestones are
    • Births
    • Graduations
    • Starting Jobs
    • Leaving Jobs
    • Getting Married
    • Having Children
    • Death
  • Even though milestones are difficult because change is real, that same sense of frustration can occur anytime we begin to experience major changes in our lives.
  • It is the frustration with change that we will talk about today.
  • Change frustrates us because in many ways it reminds us that no matter how hard we try, we cannot hold onto what we value as precious.



  • That friends is where we must realize God’s part in change.
  • God challenges us to give him everything we call precious.
  • He does this because He does not want us to be crippled or crushed by holding onto something too long.
  • If we will trust God, even when he calls us to give up what is precious he promises to provide us with something far better.
  • Today, I want to show you the four provisions of God that are better than what we call precious.


Message Points:

  • Point 1: God provides the strength to walk by faith. (22:1-6)
    • Notice the out of order sequence to get ready for the trip.
    • Notice that this is a three day journey.
    • Notice that Abraham climbs a mountain at 113 or so.


  • Point 2: God provides the words to express faith. (22:7-10)
    • Critics have said Abraham could not have known God would rescue Isaac. He was just trying to assuage the boy.
    • Look back at verse 5. Abraham seems to be building a case for God’s provision.
    • See what Hebrews 11:19 says about this event “He [Abraham] considered that God was able even to raise him [Isaac] from the dead”.
    • Finally consider that Isaac did not flee or try to escape being bound. Abraham’s words expressed the same faith Isaac had seen since he was a boy.


  • Point 3: God provides the substitute. (22:11-14)
    • Notice that God provided a ram for the offering.
    • Abraham notes this by naming the place, “the Lord will provide”.
    • God in Christ provides for us the substitute for our sin debt.


  • Point 4: God provides Abraham an eternal security. (22:15-24)
    • Notice that God repeats his promises of a future and blessing through Abraham.
    • Then we read the God has already been working in the life of Isaac’s future wife.
    • God provides for us eternally.



  • When God asks us for something precious, he promises that he will provide something far better.
  • This request is the heart of the gospel.
    • God asks for each one of us here to trust him with our lives on judgement day.
    • He promises to provide for us the substitute for our sin, Jesus Christ.
    • He promises to provide for us an eternal security.
  • If you are a non-Christian here today, you may think that this is all ridiculous. Trusting an unseen God by giving up all the good things in life right now.


  • Let me ask you to consider the words of missionary Jim Elliot: “He is no fool who give what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”


  • Non-Christian, what part of your life are you clinging so tightly to that you would be willing to lose your eternity to keep that temporary treasure?


  • As a Christian this morning, do not think that you are exempt from that question.


  • Remember that Abraham had walked with God for years by this point. He still began to cling to tightly to his precious child.


  • Christian you may have something God is calling your to give up if you are here today and feel distant from God.
    • Are you clinging to the need to get married?
    • Are you clinging to the need to get that degree?
    • Are you clinging to a job because you are comfortable doing it?
    • Are you clinging to your health?
    • Are you clinging to that home, or specific treasure from a loved one who passed away?
  • Slow down for just a few moments and think about that precious person or possession you cling to. Do you spend more time clinging to that person or possession than you spend on your relationship with our eternal Savior?


  • Parents, you may be clinging to your own children. In your zeal to protect them and provide for them you may be crippling them by never allowing them the opportunity to experience God’s provision for them.


  • Graduates and all the young people in this room today. Can I speak to you for just one moment?


  • One of the best things about youth is the ability to dream big, because life is ahead of you.


  • Big dreams can very quickly become so precious that you cling to them and chase them until you wake up one day and realize all you have will one day end in death.


  • Remember, young people that you must number your days. Be like Isaac, ready to give it all up because you know God will provide an eternity
  • Today, if God is revealing to you someone or something that you need to give to him, especially if that is your own life, I encourage you to respond to this invitation.
  • Trust him for the strength to take that step of faith. Trust him for the words to say. Trust him for the substitute, Jesus Christ. Trust him with your eternal security.
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