Owensby Family’s Catechism


Ever since I became a parent, I desired greatly to have a Deuteronomy 6:4-9 household. Then, after reading Spurgeon’s Catechism, John Piper’s Baptist Catechism, and one a local church in Alabama compiled using the Baptist Faith and Message, I became convinced we needed a catechism. Catechisms have proven for generations to be an indispensable  tool to become a household that discusses theology.

Ideally, in a church, the Sunday Evening or Wednesday Service could utilize such a catechism across small prayer groups made of older adults with children and youth of the same gender. Thus the prayer groups teach what the church believes as well as reinforce what parents teach. Our church has not begun to do this, but I am praying and leading us towards the day when we can do that.

Such a catechism does not have the same authority as Scripture, but reflects accurately what a group of believers understand the Scripture to teach. It should not change more than the same group changes its confession of faith. Even so, the catechism must be subject to change in order to help believers understand what the Scriptures teach.


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