The Owensby Family

At the SBC Annual Meeting 2013.

At the SBC Annual Meeting 2013.

In this section you will find a page about each of our family members. Before you look at each one, please take a moment and read our family’s prayer below. God Bless!

Father, thank you for richly blessing us with both a church family and our at-home family. We pray that the Father will watch over all our labors for Him with the church family, so that our household will remain strong and devoted to Jesus. Spirit, help us to trust Jesus and not our labors or what we produce. Utilize each of us Jesus, as arrows of truth and hope for our own generation.  Help us Lord Jesus make our lives fruitful to make disciples for you so that our labor will bring You glory and us great good! (Psalm 127)

If you would like to contact our family you may do so below:



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