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Message Monday: The Joy of Having Confidence in Christ


  • This past week the Chicago Cubs made history as they broke a 108 year World Series drought and a 71 year deficit in bringing home the National League Pennant.
  • It was hard not to pull for the Cubs even if you are not a baseball fan.
  • That said, did you hear the story of one Cubs fan named Darel Sterner?
    • Mr. Sterner lived in Des Moines Iowa and was 85.
    • The reason he made the news was that he was a die-hard Cubs fan.
    • He was a barber for 61 years, where the Cubs were a constant topic of conversation.
    • He was a “ornery cuss” according to his son, always playing and telling jokes.
    • By game 7 he was in hospice care after experiencing declining health after a stroke.
    • There at his beside his entire family had gathered to watch the Cubs with his family.
    • Three hours after the win, Mr. Sterner passed away.
    • His son told the reporters, “We all believe he is in heaven, one of the first Cubs fans there to see them win the World Series before passing away.”
  • Let me ask you a question about Mr. Sterner.
    • What story does his life tell, confidence in Christ or confidence in the Cubs?
    • According to the newspaper story it would be hard to give any answer but confidence in the Cubs.


  • So let me ask you a question this morning: Which kind of confidence does the story of your life tell?
    • Now not all of us have a devotion and confidence in a sports team, but all of us have passions and desires other than the Savior.
    • Not all of these passions or pass-times are bad, and most of the time they can be used as platforms for us to share the gospel.
    • The question I am asking is if anyone would mistake that your confidence is in Christ by the story your life is telling.
  • Today I hope to share with you three specific joys in knowing your story displays confidence in Christ.

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Worldview Wednesday: Praying for the Nation

Worldview Wednesday: Praying for the Nation

There can be not doubt about it, erotic liberty is here to stay no matter how much believers might bemoan it. Whether it is the now year old Supreme Court decision for same sex couples to pursue marriage, or the push now to have transgender bathrooms, or the emerging call for polygamy and other alternative sexual lifestyles to be recognized; the momentum of the government to protect public expressions of erotic liberty has increased.

At the same time, the willingness of the government to protect religious liberty has eroded. In essence believers in all religions, but especially Christianity have been told that their religious liberty only extends so far as the door of their homes and houses of worship. Public persecution in the form of legal action against believers for expressing any public dimension to their faith has increased.

With that in mind, I began to consider the National Day of prayer that happened around a week ago asking, “For what did those who gathered pray?” Were they praying against persecution? Did they pray for a return to the more Christian America? Did some even pray for God to smite the leaders of these movements towards erotic liberty? Were they praying that God would just send the right political Savior to rescue us?

I found myself thinking about the current tension and wondered how a Baptist pastor should pray, knowing our traditional views about religious liberty as well as church and state. Over the next few weeks I want to share a little more about my thoughts on Baptist prayers for the nation, but here is a preview:


Read more about John Leland, a Baptist pastor at the Founding of our nation.

  • Should We Pray for More Preaching or More Political Involvement?
  • Should We Pray for Liberty to Express Both Our Religious Identity & Our Sexual Identity?
  • Should We Pray for Tolerance or Transparency?
  • Should We Pray for the Government Separation or Sanction?

I look forward to sharing why I prayed this way in the next few weeks.


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