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Message Monday: Cradle Roll of Christ – Wonderful Counsleor


  • Today we begin a brief series of messages that I pray will help us to see the Savior with new eyes during this Christmas season.
  • Think with me for just a moment of the excitement when you discovered that you or a close family member was expecting a baby.
  • One of the first questions always asked is what will you name the baby.
  • Lists of favorite names are compiled by parents as well as a list of never names.
  • Churches would also get involved in this name craze.
    • In Baptist churches years ago when they would know a new baby was on the way they would enroll the baby in the church.
    • Because they did not know the name by writing down “Baby” and the parents last name on the Cradle Roll.



  • So imagine with me for just a moment that God was going to enroll the Christ Child into one of our churches.
    • There would be no last name because God needs no last name.
    • To enroll the child a name would be requires and so when asked what would God provide as a name?
    • In the book of Isaiah in at least two verses we receive God’s answer as to what name Jesus shall be called.
    • Today we begin by examining the first name in Isaiah 9:6.

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Newsletter : December 2010

Do We Believe It is Better to Give than to Receive?

It is not unusual during this time of the year to hear charities making a plea for your donations presumably because people are just more generous this time of the year. Not to jump on that band wagon, but I want to share with you some of the convicting realizations I found compelling as I have attended our annual budget planning meetings. For the budget year 2010 our budget was $162,000. This seems like a tremendous amount, if we expect to have one person or just a few people give this total amount. If we take that number and divide it weekly the amount comes to roughly $3116 a week that is needed to fund our church ministry. This number still may seem too large so let’s divide by 60 which is a rough estimate of the number of members voting in questions coming before the church last year. That comes to $52 dollars a week per member which still may seem convicting. I make that suggestion because this year we have not met our budget, so someone must be giving less that $52 a week. Perhaps you are paid monthly, so these weekly figures are not helpful. Each member in this situation should be giving $224. Is that still uncomfortable? Let me offer one additional number $52 a week or $224 a month per member is a tithe on an income of $27,000 a year. Are you still uncomfortable? Perhaps you look at these figures and pat yourself on the back because you give far above these amounts. Let me suggest that both the discomfort some feel and the pride others feel both result from what the Bible in 1 Timothy 6:10 call the love of money, a sin that leads to many others. I also think the obsession with gift giving and generosity at this time of year while not following the same pattern throughout the years shows the same love of money. Why? Read the rest of this entry »

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Newsletter : December 2009

Who is the Heart of Your Christmas?

I wonder if you are like me. Every year it seems that the heart of the Christmas moves from a Baby to a bearded man. Not only is this man a commercial success; he truly has won the battle for the hearts and minds of Americans. Let me prove it to you. How many of you have struggled about whether to tell your children his story? Yet, how many of you have been disheartened when your children no longer believe the story? Read the rest of this entry »

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Newsletter: December 2008

This morning as I taught the youth Sunday School class an interesting question was posed to me. It went something like this, “Is it wrong to ask for things at Christmas?” Maybe as you hear that question you cringe at the thought that your Christmas presents will be cut out by my answer. Maybe you are salivating thinking that I am going to rail against the materialism of this season. Maybe you will be surprised by my answer. I said no, given that someone asks you what you would like. On the other hand telling someone who has not asked what you want is wrong.

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