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Message Monday: Practical Humility


  • In His book Humility C.J. Mahaney offers this definition for humility: “Humility is honestly addressing ourselves in light of God’s holiness and our sinfulness”.
  • From this definition Mahaney then spends the remainder of his 200 page book exploring and explaining that definition and is biblical basis.
  • While we do not have that kind of time this morning, we do want to consider whether or not we are humble biblically.
  • Most of us know how to act humble, but humility is just an act if we do not have an inwardly humble heart.
    • People will congratulate us on a job well done and we will say it was really nothing, but on the insider we relish the accolades.
    • We will not volunteer for jobs in the church, but wait on someone to ask us to serve, so that we will not look braggadocios. Secretly we enjoying the affirmation of someone coming to us, and expect that people will ask us to take that job again.
    • In the south we are masters of the polite insult, and the tactful complaint.
      • Have you ever heard a southern lady say something like this, “I wanted to check and make sure that you received the gift because I never received a thank you note.”
      • Or maybe when someone offends us we will say a phrase like, “Well bless their hearts.”
      • On the surface phrases like that sound very humble and kind, but we all know that they are veneers for a seething outrage that we could be treated that way.



  • We may allow others to go before ourselves, we may hold doors for every person, we may never take credit, and we may wait for others to ask us to serve but do we do any of this because we honestly evaluate ourselves in light of God’s holiness and our sinfulness?
  • Today I would like to help you see four ways to practice genuine humility in your heart and mind.

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